Original Art

4 Ways Original Art Adds Emotional Connection To Your Life

One of the greatest pleasures in life is surrounding our homes with things that make us happy. We are always looking to connect to people and items on an emotional level. Look around your home. It is full of collectibles, photographs, artwork, and other beautiful items that you personally selected or were given to you by someone special. Each item tells a story with a  special meaning. Collecting original artwork provides the same type of connection. Here are four ways original art adds an emotional connection to your life.

1.  It’s One Of A Kind: Original art captures a moment in time. A moment when the artist put paint to paper and created an original masterpiece. Originals are usually signed by the artist making your one of a kind even more exclusive.

2. It’s Rare and Personal:  Original art is exclusive to you. There is only one, no copies, so its one-of-a-kind nature makes your original rare and priceless. There are no others like it in the world making it a very special and valuable investment.

3.  It Celebrates a Moment in Time: Owning original art is a privilege not everyone can appreciate. It shows you have a distinct personal taste and an eye for talent. Original artwork not only evokes memories of when you purchased it from the gallery,  estate, or even a backyard sale, it tells a special story about the artist and how they were expressing themselves in that one moment in time.

4.  It’s A Gift That Keeps Giving: Original artwork is timeless, and as time goes by will continue to increase in value. Original art is also a gift that will keep giving and appreciated by all ages as it is passed down through the generations.