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3 Tips to Help You Make Your Art Stand Out

As an artist, you may have asked yourself: what is an art walk and how can it benefit you and your career? An art walk is an organized art fair during which artists line their finished works along sidewalks on display. It exposes people to your work and even helps you make more sales. Considering so many artists put out their work during an art walk, your art must stand out.

Here are a few pointers on what to do to make your art stand out during an art walk or at an art exhibit:

1. Figure out Who Your Target Audience Is

For you to make your work stand out, you ought to consider who you make art for. Art is subjective and may resonate with people of all ages, but you should have a specific demographic in mind. For example, abstract art would work well with sophisticated and educated art lovers.

Younger people, on the other hand, tend to like more colorful, contemporary art, inspired by modern ideas. With this in mind, it will be easier for you to figure out where to display your artwork. An art gallery on a street typically frequented by young adults would be an excellent place to showcase this kind of art.

2. Figure out What Makes Your Work Unique

Painting is a versatile type of art that can showcase all kinds of styles. It might be how you use your brushes, how you mix colors to get new bizarre hues, or how you shape the overall subject matter of your work. Capitalize on what makes you different by using it more and more in your art. This will immediately make your art stand out in art galleries or during an art walk, and will draw more people to your space.

3. Build a Loyal Customers List

One incredible advantage of an art walk is that it gives you the chance to interact directly with the consumers of your work. This must not be taken for granted. Every time you make a sale, ask your customer for their email so you can add him or her to your customer email list.

You may also have encountered potential buyers who seemed to love your work but didn’t particularly enjoy what you had on display. Getting such customers’ contact information will help you reach out to them whenever you’re part of another exhibit or if you’ve worked on more artwork that you think they will enjoy.

A mailing list will help you concentrate on the clients you already have while working to win new ones over.

Making That Art Walk Work for You

In today’s corporate world, marketing yourself is incredibly important if you want to make your art stand out. Create social media platforms and record short videos of yourself during the creating process.

Art walks are an excellent way for artists to display their work to the public. Paintings are the most famous pieces of artwork, found in over 83% of global art collections. A good number of these art enthusiasts ought to pass by your stand during an exhibit, and you must make sure your work calls out to them.