CARDENES, Carlos Manuel

THE USUAL SUSPECTS The Usual Suspects is a contemporary visual arts project that stimulates my inner conscience where I see beauty on the mundane. The images in this project are frozen blinks, captured moments defined with precision and richness which make us stop and notice the unnoticeable. There is nothing unplanned about these images; rather, they are a product of choosing the precise place and time from among various possibilities. I have been working in this project for the past two years. My stimulus has come from a desire to document everyday scenes, activities, bodies, some conjuring our vast cultural diversity and turn their various gradations into objects of art, worthy of prolonged examination that invite personal interpretation. Close examination of the images in this body of work reflects a pointed formalist gesture towards art and the painting tradition. They are vibrant, alive with color and informed by an intellectual understanding of academic convention. For those who view photography as purely documentation, or a reflection of the work without a debt to another art genre, my work may prove eye opening. This is an insight that argues that the connection between art disciplines is never more than a matter of focus. Carlos Manuel Cardenes

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