art is an investment

What Art Collectors Search For When Adding to Their Collection

Experienced art collectors are always in search for a piece containing that special something. For every event they attend at an art gallery in Miami, they walk around studying the works and asking themselves if this piece will be the one. What solidifies their confidence in the work is what originally attracted them to it in the first place. Each collector varies as to what satisfies them about the work. However, there are general subjects linking every art collector to that hidden spark guiding them to a specific piece.

Emotional Connection
No person gazes at a painting or a sculpture for a while without feeling a small amount of emotion toward it. This can be curiosity to what the artist was trying to portray in their work and the answer to the question is concealed within the piece itself. Possibly the piece reminds the collector of a fond childhood memory. One of the universal truths about art is that emotion is always present. Art collectors choose a work for their collection because they feel a deep connection to it.

Some art collectors specialize in finding pieces that match a theme they hope to convey in their collection. Over the years, they continuously build their art assortment around this tone. Themed collections branch out to numerous depictions. A collector chooses only sculptures of flowers expanding across different movements and styles. Another wants a collection of imaginative comic strips. The next one decides they are going to build a collection of works by only Latin American artists they found in an art gallery in Miami. Every art collector has their own taste.

​The story of each and every art piece is fascinating. Reading about why the artist created it and how they made it intrigues art collectors. This interest is another reason why an art collector would want to add a work to their collection. The piece can be right in front of them, and they were already drawn to the work, but the story lying behind it is how it ended up in a collection. A collector is then given the honor to share this work’s story to family, friends, and other collectors.

A sound Investment
​With all factors considered, there is one final underlying detail as to why collectors buy the artworks they do. Art increases in value overtime. What was once viewed as a simple piece, could one day be worth more than imagined. Collectors finalize the purchase on their latest addition knowing this work will grow in value. All art is an investment, and so requires a keen eye to notice the details which will help raise its value overtime.