4 Factors to Consider When Buying Corporate Art

Take a minute and think about your office. Yes, you may have the nice-looking office furniture that gives your office that corporate look. But if you want to make it feel more relaxed and friendly for your clients, you should add office art. Luckily, corporate art dealers in Coral Gables will help you select fine art that will add a refreshing feeling to your office. When buying corporate art, you should consider the following factors.

1. Your Clientele Base

Art is a medium of communication. Artwork influences people’s feelings and their way of thinking as well as affects the overall mood of a person. As such, you should consider the effects your corporate art will have on your clients. Corporate art dealers in Coral Gables will supply you with office art that is more relevant and appealing to your clients. Your office art should stimulate positive feelings in your customers so that they feel more at home.

For instance, if you’re an architect, a fine painting of a skyscraper would resonate more with your clients. When your office walls are decorated with fine pieces of artwork relevant to your profession, your customers may feel that you have more passion for your job. Additionally, a client may also be a fan of the artist, and this would build more rapport between you and your client, which is great for business.

2. Find Unique Corporate Art That Your Clients Will Remember

Studies have shown that people remember 80% of what they see, 10% of what they hear, and 20% of what they read. When you have unique and appealing office art, your clients will always remember the painting and associate it with your business. You may have a lot of corporate literature on your walls – which is fine – but your customers may only remember the artwork in your office. The human brain is better at processing and retaining visual cues compared to written material. Therefore, when you visit corporate art dealers in Coral Gables, go for the more visually appealing artwork. An original piece from an influential artist may do the trick.

3. How Does Your Corporate Art Affect Your Employees?

Your employees are the engine that drives your business, so you should factor in their opinion when buying office art. After all, your workers spend the most time in the office. Remember that artwork is a sentimental medium of expression, and a piece of office art may trigger different feelings. Your employees should be comfortable with the artwork in the office. Your corporate art should inspire them to be more productive. While it’s a tough balancing act, especially if you have many employees, corporate art dealers in Coral Gables will help you select the most appropriate office art.

4. The Bigger the Better

The size of artwork also matters a lot. Since you want all your clients and employees to see and admire the artwork, you may prioritize the big and bold pieces. Especially in your reception, you want a statement art piece that commands your clients’ attention. This is more beneficial and effective when your clients have to wait for a while before getting served. It works miracles for doctors and lawyers with busy practices.

Your corporate art should draw your clients’ attention so that they don’t feel unattended in the waiting room. A bigger piece will fully capture their imagination. More companies have increased their appetite for office art, which has boosted the value of the global art market. As of 2017, it was valued at $64 billion.

Corporate art dealers in Coral Gables are at your service whenever you need bespoke office artwork for your business. When selecting your corporate art, you should keep your clients and employees in mind. Beautiful artwork will influence your workspace by evoking creativity, joy, and pleasure. You want to buy corporate art that focuses on the positive and generates good feelings in your customers and employees. You can find the best office art from the top corporate art dealers in Miami.